Chennai Central Train Timings

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Chennai Central is the headquarters of Southern Railways and is the most important station in Chennai and South India.The following are the train names, train numbers and train timings of trains starting from and passing through Chennai Central.

Trains Starting From Chennai Central:

Train no.Train NameDeparture DatesArrival DatesDeparture TimesArrival times
6031/6032Chennai - Jammu Tawi Andaman (Tri weekly) ExpWed Thu SunMon Tue Fri05:1510:15
6093/6094Chennai - Lucknow Exp(Bi - weekly)Tue SatWed Sat05:1510:15
2007/2008Chennai - Mysore Shatabadi ExpExcept TueExcept Tue06:0021:35
2433/2434Chennai - Nizamuddin Rajdhani (Bi - weekly) ExpFri SunThu Sat06:1020:15
2611/2612Chennai - H:Nizamuddin Garib Rath AC (weekly) ExpSatTue06:1020:15
2675/2676Chennai - Coimbatore Kovai ExpDaily06:1521:40
189/190Chennai-Tirupati-Chennai PassengerDaily19.1009.10
6057/6058Chennai - Tirupathi Sapthagiri ExpDaily06:2520:35
2269/2270Chennai-Nizamuddin Duronto Non stopMon ThuWed Sun06.4020.10
2077/2078Chennai - Vijayawada Jan Shatabdi ExpExcept Tue07:0021:10
2639/2640Chennai - Bangalore Brindavan ExpDaily07:1520:25
2842/2841Chennai - Howrah Coromandel ExpDaily08:4517:15
2656/2655Chennai - Ahmedabad Navajivan ExpDaily09:3516:05
2687/2688Chennai - Dehradun/Chandigarh (weekly) ExpThuWed09:4502:15
6627/6628Chennai - Manglore west Coast ExpDaily11:3015:15
1042/1041Chennai - Mumbai CST ExpDaily11:4516:45
2609/2610Chennai - Bangalore ExpDaily13:3514:45
7311/7312Chennai - Vasco da Gama Exp(weekly)FriFri14:1011:55
7313/7314Chennai - Hubli Exp (weekly)SunSun14:1011:55
6053/6054Chennai - Tirupati ExpDaily13:5013:20
2712/2711Chennai - Vijawada Pinakini ExpDaily14:0513:00
2679/2680Chennai - Coimbatore Inter city ExpDaily14:3013:45
2607/2608Chennai - Bangalore Lalbagh ExpDaily15:3512:15
2697/2698Chennai - Tiruvananthapuram Superfast (weekly)SunSun15:1512:20
2695/2696Chennai-Tiruvananthapuram SuperfastDaily15.2509.50
437/438Chennai - Gudur Bitragunta Chennai PassengerDaily16:0012:00
6203/6204Chennai - Tirupati Garudathri ExpDaily16:3510:15
2603/2604Chennai - Hyderabad ExpDaily16:4505:55
2685/2686Chennai - Mangalore ExpExcept Tue16:1008:00
2669/2670Chennai - Chapra Ganga Kaveri Exp (bi weekly)Mon SatWed Fri17:3514:25
2967/2968Chennai - Jaipur Exp (biweekly)Tue SunTue Sun17:3009:50
2027/2028Chennai - Bangalore Shatabdi ExpressExcept Tue17:3011:00
6089/6090Chennai - Tirupattur Yelagiri ExpDaily17:5509:05
2689/2690Chennai - Nagercoil Exp (weekly)FriMon18:1512:20
2759/2760Chennai - Hyderabad Charminar ExpDaily18:1008:15
2615/2616Chennai - New Delhi Grand Trunk ExpDaily19:1506:15
2623/2624Chennai - Tiruvananthapuram MailDaily19:4507:00
2601/2602Chennai - Mangalore MailDaily20:0005:25
2671/2672Chennai - Mettupalayam Nilgiri ExpDaily21:0005:10
2829/2830Chennai - Bhubaneswar (weekly) expFriFri21:1008:55
2851/2852Chennai - Bilaspur (weekly) ExpMonMon21:1008:55
6041/6042Chennai - Alappuzha ExpDaily21:1506:05
6222/6221Chennai - Mysore Kaveri ExpDaily21:3007:20
2621/2622Chennai - New Delhi Tamilnadu ExpDaily22:0007:10
2673/2674Chennai - Coimbatore Cheran ExpDaily22:1006:35
2681/2682Chennai - Coimbatore (weekly) expSatSat22:2007:45
6669/6670Chennai - Erode Yercaud ExpDaily22:4004:30
1028/1027Chennai - Mumbai CST MailDaily22:5005:00
2657/2658Chennai - Bangalore MailDaily23:1504:40
2691/2692Chennai - Sathyasai Prashanti Nilayam exp:(weekly)FriMon23:3005:15
2292/2291Chennai - Yesvantpur (weekly) expSatSat23:3005:15
2840/2839Chennai - Howrah MailDaily23:3503:50
Train No.Train NameScheduleDeparture TimesArrival Times
3351Bokaro/Dhanbad-Alappuzha ExpDaily03:0003:25
6324Shalimar-Thiruvananthapuram Exp (biweekly)Tue Thu03:5004:15
6310Patna-Ernakulam Exp (biweekly)Sat Sun03:5004:15
5228Muzaffarpur-Yesvantpur Exp (weekly)Wed03:5004:15
2510Guwahati-Banglore Exp (tri weekly)Tue Wed Thu04:5004:40
2508Guwahati-Ernakulam Exp (Weekly)Sun04:1504:40
2516Guwahati-Tiruvananthapuram Exp (weekly)Fri04:1504:40
2515Thiruvananthapuram-Guwahati Exp (weekly)Mon05:4006:20
6309Ernakulam-Patna Exp (bi weekly)Wed Tue05:4006:20
2509Bangalore Guwahati Exp(tri weekly)Thu Fri Sat05:4006:20
5227Yesvantpur-Muzaffarpur Exp (weekly)Thu09:3009:55
2507Ernakulam - Guwahati Exp(weekly)Wed09:3009:55
6323Thiruvananthapuram Shalimar exp: (bi weekly)Fri Sun09:3009:55
2970Jaipur Coimbatore Exp (weekly)Thu09:4510:10
2296Patna Banglore ExpExcept Thu13:3514:00
2577Dharbanga-Bangalore Exp (weekly)Thu13:3514:00
2578Bangalore-Dharbanga Exp (weekly)Fri15:0515:30
2295Bangalore-Patna ExpExcept Fri15:0515:30
2969Coimbatore-Jaipur Exp(weekly)Fri17:1017:35
3352Alappuzha-Dhanbad/Bokaro ExpDaily22:0023:00
2522Ernakulam Barauni Exp (weekly)Fri23:0523:25
6326Thiruvanathapuram-Indore Ahilyanagari Exp (weekly)Sat23:0523:25
2512Thiruvanathapuram-Gorakhpur Raptisagar Exp(triweekly)Tue Wed Sun23:0523:25
6328Thiruvanathapuram-Korba Exp (biweekly)Mon Thu23:0523:25
2521Barauni-Ernakulam Exp (weekly)Wed23:2023:45
6327Bilaspur-Thiruvananthapuram Exp (biweekly)Thu Sun23:2023:45
2511Gorakhpur-Thiruvananthapuram Raptisagar Exp(triweekly)Mon Fri sat23:2023:45
6325Indore - Thiruvanathapuram Ahilyanagari Exp (weekly)Tue23:2023:45

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