Tirumala Tirupathi TTD Darshan Online Ticket booking

This article outlines the steps to book Tirumala Tirupathi TTD Darshan Tickets online. A pilgrim can book darshans (sevas) minimum of 3 days in advance and maximum of 90 days.One can book for the following Darshans through the TTD portal by following the steps outlined in this article.

Tirumala Tirupathi (TTD) Darshans (e-Sevas):

  • Archanananthara Darshanam
  • Suprabhatam Darshan
  • Nijapada Darshanam
  • Thomala Seva Darshan
  • Archana Darshan
  • Visesha Pooja Darshan
  • Astadala Pada Padmaradhanamu Darshan
  • Sahasra Kalasabhishekam Darshan
  • TiruppavadaiDarshan
  • Kalyanotsavam Darshan

Before booking the tickets you need to Check Availability of seva based on the seva, month-year, and time.

Tirumala Tirupathi (TTD) Darshan Ticket booking

How to check availability and book for TTD Darshan(e-Seva) Tickets online?

  • Go to TTD e-Services page here
  • On the e-Seva Booking page,Click the required seva type check box option
  • Enter the number of tickets for the selected seva in No. Of Tickets
  • Under Date, select the date and month-year you want to book for the seva
  • Click Availability hyperlink to check for the corresponding selected seva and Click Continue.
  • The e-Seva Booking Personal Information page appears
  • Under Your Personal Information frame, select the salutation title and enter the name of the pilgrim in Name
  • Enter the e-mail address of the pilgrim in Email Address
  • Enter the address, city, and the zip/pin code of the pilgrim in Address , City, and Zip/Pin code respectively
  • Select the country and state of the pilgrim from Country and State respectively
  • Enter the mobile number, phone number, and fax number of the pilgrim along with the country code, area code, phone code, and extension in Mobile No, Phone No., and Fax No. respectively
  • Select any one of the photo identity card options from Photo ID Card
  • Enter the photo identity card number of the pilgrim in ID Card No.
  • Enter the location of the image file in Upload your Photo. Click the Browse button to select the path of the image file
  • Under the Payment Options frame, select the payment bank from Payment Bank
  • Select the payment mode from Payment Mode
  • Under the Disclaimer Note frame. click the I agree to terms and conditions check box option
  • click Book Now button. The corresponding bank page appears
  • Make the payment from your bank
  • Once the booking is complete, The e-Seva Booking Details page displays the entered booking request and the personal information of the pilgrim
  • Click Receipt hyperlink. The e-Seva Booking Receipt window appears.
  • The e-Seva Booking Receipt window displays the seva booking receipt details. Click Print hyperlink to print the booking receipt. Note that in case your payment gets rejected, the e-Seva Booking Details page displays the process cancellation message.

How to generate TTD Darshan (e-seva) tickets online and print them?

  • Now to confirm the booking made online by following the steps outlined above, go the e-Seva Booking page and click Booking Confirmation hyperlink.
  • The e-Seva Booking Confirmation page appears. Enter the booking number you want to check the confirmation in e-Seva Booking Number and click OK.
  • The e-Seva Booking Confirmation Details page appears displaying the booking details for the entered booking number
  • Click Receipt hyperlink. The e-Seva Ticket Receipt window appears. Click Print hyperlink to print the e-Seva Tickets

Does this help in booking Tirumala Tirupathi (TTD) Darshan Tickets? Then What are you waiting for? Go to TTD Online portal here and book your Tirumala Tirupathi (TTD) eSeva Tickets. You can also find out the steps for booking TTD aaccomodation online

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