Tamilnadu Textbooks Online

In keeping pace with technical advancements, Department of School Education, Government of TamilNadu is bringing lot of changes in education system. One such novel innovation is publishing of textbooks online for Class I to Class XII. This includes textbooks for state and matriculation syllabus.

The Textbooks are published by the Department of School Education, Govt. of TamilNadu, India. All textbooks are optimized for faster downloading. The textbooks are available in Tamil and English.

The online textbooks facility is a boon for NRIs. This gives an golden opportunity for their children, irrespective of their age to learn their mother tongue, from any corner of the globe.NRIs can put aside the worry that their children are forgetting the roots.Needless to say that the children of other states of India also gain knowledge by browsing these online textbooks.

These textbooks can be downloaded from here.

Go to the above mentioned website and click the Class, whose textbooks you want to view or download. You will be taken to a page where all subjects pertaining to that class are available. Click on the subject and the full textbook will be on view. If you need to save this book for future reading, then click Saves as option in the File Menu and select the location you want to save this book. The entire book will be saved in the selected location.

All the books are available as PDF version and You need Acrobat Reader 6.0 or above to open and read the textbooks.

All English Textbooks are Audio Enabled Documents. This feature is useful for people with low vision. Open the textbook you want to read in Acrobat Reader 6.0 and do the following to configure “Text To Speech (TTS)” options.

  • View -> Read out loud -> …. (Alt+V -> Alt+a -> …)
  • 1. Activate/Deactivate Shift + Ctrl + Y (Alt + A)
  • 2. Read this page only Shift + Ctrl + V (Alt + O)
  • 3. Read to end of document Shift + Ctrl + B (Alt + E)
  • 4. Pause Shift + Ctrl + C (Alt + P)
  • 5. Stop Shift + Ctrl + E (Alt + S)

Download Tamilnadu Textbooks for state board and matriculation schools and enjoy reading them!

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