PAN Card Status Online

Do you know that your Pan Status can be tracked online? We had earlier covered a tutorial on how to track the Pan Card Status. Here is another method to track PAN application status online.

Pan Card is a 10 character unique number allotted by the Indian Income Tax Department to identify assessees. This is a permanent ID and it will not change with change of address or station, or change of Income Tax Assessing Officer, etc. Every tax paying assessee is expected to apply and get a PAN Card as it is essential for filing an Income Tax Return in India. If you want a PAN Card, you can very make a pan Card application online.

The status of a PAN Application Form can be tracked by all those who have applied for the PAN card online. The application can either be for a new or reprinted or a corrected PAN Card.

You may know the status using the fifteen-digit exclusive acknowledgment number. However, you may check the status only three days after submitting the application form.

You may track Pan card Status online through the UTITSL (UTI Technology Services Limited) Pan Tracker here. To track the PAN Status, you need to enter one or more of the following fields and refine your search.

  • 1. Appropriate type of PAN card application: Grievance Applications (the CSF) or the New Applications (the F49a)
  • 2.Your Application Number
  • 3.Your coupon number
  • 4.Name of the applicant
  • 5.If available, the PAN Number

Use the UTITSL PAN Tracker and get to know your PAN Status online.

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