PAN Card Application Online

We earlier covered what a pan card is and when it is needed.Here we detail the steps to make a PAN Card Application Online.

You will be taken to the following screen.

Online PAN Card Application

Right click the link (“Do’s and Don’ts for New PAN Application”) on the right and open it in a new window or a new tab, to know the Dos and Don’ts while filling up the PAN form.

The following are the Dos:

  • 1. Do use ‘Form 49A’ for making application for allotment of PAN.
  • 2. Do fill the application in block letters in English and preferably with black ink.
  • 3. Do paste a recent color photograph (size 3.5 cm X 2.5 cm).
  • 4. Do provide the signature within the box.
  • 5. If thumb impression is put on the application form, do get the thumb impression attested by Magistrate or a Notary Public or a Gazetted Officer, under official seal and stamp.
  • 6. Do provide correct AO code in the application.
  • 7. Do specify AO code as below if the applicant is a “Defence” employee
    • Army – PNE W 55 3
    • Navy – MUM W 11 8
    • Air Force – DEL W 72 2
  • 8. Do attach Proof of Identity (POI) and Proof of Address (POA) as per Rule 114 (4) of Income Tax Rules, 1962.
  • 9. Do provide the POI and POA which have name exactly as written in the application.
  • 10. Do provide details of Representative Assessee in column 14 of application form, if applicant is Minor, Idiot, Lunatic or Deceased.
  • 11. Do provide POI and POA for Representative Assessee also, if Representative Assessee is appointed.
  • 12. Do write the complete postal address in the application with landmark.
  • 13. Do mention correct pin code in the address field.
  • 14. Do mention telephone number or e-mail id in the application.

The following are the Don’ts:

  • 1. Do not overwrite or make corrections in the application.
  • 2. Do not pin or staple the photograph.
  • 3. Do not sign across the box (i.e. signature should be within the box)
  • 4. Do not provide POI and POA which are not in the name of the applicant.
  • 5. Do not write any additional details (date, designation, rank, etc.) along with the signature in the box.
  • 6. Do not mention Husband’s name in the Father’s Name column.
  • 7. Do not abbreviate your name or do not use initials.
  • 8. Do not apply for a new PAN if you already have one.

Click on the link “Online Application for New PAN (Form 49A)” to fill up Form 49A. You will be shown the guidelines.These are given below for your reference.After reading through the guidelines, scroll down to the bottom, select the Applicant category from the drop-down and click submit.

You will be taken to an online Form 49A.Read the instructions, fill up the details and click Submit at the bottom. You will be given 15 digit unique Acknowledgment Number to track the application status.Print this acknowledgment. Affix a color photo on the acknowledgment and sign at relevant places. Pay the requisite fees ( Rs. 94/- ) by credit or debit card. Send the completed acknowledgment, a proof of address and a proof of identity to ‘Income Tax PAN Services Unit, National Securities Depository Limited, 3rd floor, Sapphire Chambers, Pune 411045’. Your PAN will be delivered at your doorsteps!


  • 1. PAN Card will also be dispatched outside India for a fee of Rs. 744.
  • For New PAN applications from “Individual” and “HUF” applicants, if “Address for Communication” is selected as Office, then Proof of Office Address along with Proof of residential address are to be submitted to NSDL w.e.f. applications made on and after 1st November 2009

That is all folks!

Read through the following guidelines For PAN Card Application Online:

  • (a) Online PAN application is not available for Government Organizations
  • (b) An applicant will fill Form 49A online and submit the form.
  • (c) If there are any errors, rectify them and re-submit the form.
  • (d) A confirmation screen with all the data filled by the applicant will be displayed.
  • (e) The applicant may either edit or confirm the same.
  • (f) On confirmation, an acknowledgment will be displayed. The acknowledgment will contain a unique 15-digit acknowledgment number.
  • (g) The applicant is requested to save and print this acknowledgment.
  • (h) ‘Individual’ applicants should affix a recent color photograph (size 3.5 cm x 2.5 cm) in the space provided in the acknowledgment. The photograph should not be stapled or clipped to the acknowledgment. (The clarity of image on PAN card will depend on the quality and clarity of photograph affixed on the acknowledgment).
  • (i) Signature or Left Thumb Impression should only be within the box provided in the acknowledgment. In case of applicants other than ‘Individuals’, the authorized signatory shall sign the acknowledgment and affix the appropriate seal or stamp.The signature should not be on photograph. If there is any mark on photograph such that it hinders the clear visibility of the face of the applicant, the application will not be accepted.
  • (j) Thumb Impression should be attested by a Magistrate or a Notary Public or a Gazetted Officer, under official seal and stamp.
  • (k) If communication Address is within India
    • (a). The fee for processing PAN application is Rs.94.00 (Rs.85.00 + 10.3% service tax).
    • (b). Payment can be made either by
      • – Demand Draft
      • – Cheque
      • – Credit Card
    • (c) If any of addresses i.e. office address or residential address is a foreign address, the payment can be made only by way of demand draft payable at Mumbai.
  • (l) If communication Address is outside India
    • (a). The fee for processing PAN application is Rs.744.00[ (Application fee Rs.85.00 + Dispatch Charges Rs. 590.00) + 10.3% service tax].
    • (b). Payment can be made only by Demand Draft payable at Mumbai.
    • (c). At present this facility is available for a select list of countries. Applicants from other countries may contact NSDL at the contact details given in point (u) below.This point is not applicable if applicant is providing the representative assessee details in the point no.14 of application form
  • (m) Demand draft and cheque should be drawn in favour of ‘NSDL – PAN’.
  • (n) Demand draft shall be payable at Mumbai and the acknowledgment number should be mentioned on the reverse of the demand draft.
  • (o) Applicants making payment by cheque shall deposit a local cheque (drawn on any bank) with any HDFC Bank branch across the country. The applicant shall mention “NSDLPAN” on the deposit slip.
  • (p) Credit card payment

The following persons are authorized to make Credit card payment.

Category of Applicant Payment by Credit Card can be made by / for
Individual Self, immediate family members (parents, spouse, children)
HUF Karta of the HUF
Company Any Director of the Company
Firm Any Partner of the Firm
Association of Person(s), Body of Individuals, Association of Person(s), Trust, Artificial Juridical Person or Local Authority Authorized Signatory covered under section 140 of Income Tax Act, 1961

Applicants making credit card payment will be charged an additional surcharge of Rs.5.00 by the bank providing payment gateway facility.

On successful credit card payment acknowledgment will be displayed. Applicant shall save and print the acknowledgment and send to NSDL as mentioned in point (q) & (r) below.

  • (q) The acknowledgment duly signed, affixed with photograph (in case of ‘Individuals’) along with Demand Draft, if any, and proof of identity (name in the application should be same as in the proof of identity) & proof of address (Individuals, HUFs, Body of Individuals, Association of Persons & Artificial Juridical Person should provide proof of address of residence stated in the application) as specified in the application form is to be sent to NSDL at ‘Income Tax PAN Services Unit, National Securities Depository Limited, 3rd floor, Sapphire Chambers, Pune – 411045’.
  • (r) Superscribe the envelope with ‘APPLICATION FOR PAN – Acknowledgment Number’ (e.g. ‘APPLICATION FOR PAN – 881010100000097’).
  • (s) Your acknowledgment, Demand Draft, if any, and proofs, should reach NSDL within 15 days from the date of online application.
  • (t) Applications received with demand draft or cheque as mode of payment shall be processed only on receipt of relevant proofs and realization of payment.
  • (u) For more information
    • – Call TIN Call Center at 020 – 27218080; Fax: 020 – 27218081
    • – e-mail :
    • – SMS PAN <space> Acknowledgment No. & send to 53030 to obtain application status.
    • – Write to: INCOME TAX PAN SERVICES UNIT (Managed by National Securities Depository Limited), 3rd floor, Sapphire Chambers, Pune – 411045

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