PAN Application Form

Download PAN Form i.e. PAN Card Application Form or make a Pan Card application online through UTISL. Pan Card is a unique identification card for every tax paying person (assessee) in India. .

Application for a PAN card should be made only when the applicant has never made any such application before, and does not already have a PAN card. To confirm if there is PAN card allotted or not, one may check his/her Pan Card Status online. If one already has a PAN number allotted, re-application cannot be made, since having two PAN numbers is illegal. However, applications for a new PAN card with better features can be made, by making a payment for Rs.94/-, at the specified centers.

Apply for PAN online via UTISL Form 49A here. Make sure that you read and understand the instructions for filling Form 49A before you fill it up.

You can also download PAN Form from here, print it, fill all the details and submit it.

Get a PAN Card if you have taxable income and file an Income Tax Return.

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