My First WordPress Theme – SimpleIndy

India Fascinates is now dressed up with my first wordpress theme – SimpleIndy. SimpleIndy is a 3-column theme with curvy corners (for Mozilla based browsers) and offers considerable customization options to the user. I am planning to introduce more customizations to this theme.This is how the theme looks:

SimpleIndy wordpress theme

Simple Indy is a free theme, AND is easily customizable. The Footers, Featured Posts section and Thumbnails can be easily disabled or enable through the Theme Options Page.However you cannot disable the left or right sidebars. If you are looking for a 2-column right-sidebar variation, you will have to use another theme called Indy Premium.

Thumbnails in Home and other archive pages are created using the last image uploaded for a post. Hence, make sure that you upload the appropriate image (i.e. appropriate for showing as thumbnail), last, for every post. But don’t worry, in case you uploaded the wrong image last.Simply delete all the uploaded images for a post and upload them in the right order.

Simple Indy is WordPress 2.7+ compatible with widgetized sidebars and footer.

Features of Simple Indy WordPress Theme:

  • 3-column Theme with Left and Right Sidebars
  • Sliding Featured Posts Section
  • Multi level sliding menus
  • Automatic thumbnails of first uploaded image of Posts, in Home page and other archives
  • SEO optimized CSS layout
  • Gravatar Ready Theme
  • Social Media integration
  • Compatible with most WordPress plugins
  • Compatible with WordPress 2.7+ and earlier versions
  • Easily spiderable, structured navigation
  • W3C XHTML and CSS Validated theme
  • support for threaded comments and seggregation of comments and pingbacks/trackbacks


You can find these in the theme’s ReadMe.txt as well.

Where can I find the Theme Options Page?

You can find the Theme Options Page under Appearance folder on your WordPress Admin Menu Bar. It will have the title “Simple Indy Options”.

How to mark posts as Featured Posts?

Create a category by title “Featured”. Add every Post to an appropriate category and if you want to display it under Featured Posts Section,add it to “Featured” Category as well. Once it is done, all the latest Featured Posts will be displayed under “Featured” section in the Home Page.

How many posts can be displayed as Featured Posts?

In the Theme Options Page, you can set the number of Posts to be shown as Featured Posts. But decide on an optimal number (taking performance into consideration).

How to display medium sized images in Featured Posts?

Go to Settings –> Media and set Max width for Medium size as 300. Then, in the Theme Options Page (“simple Indy options”), check the option “Display medium sized image for Featured Posts”.

Note that by default, thumbnail images are shown for Featured Posts.

How to Change the Top Header Banner?

You can easily change top header banner by replacing banner.jpg file under Images folder (in the theme) with your own banner. But name your banner as banner.jpg
go to the stylesheet (style.css) in the theme folder, search for #head-bottom section and replace banner.jpg under background property with your banner name.

How to adjust the height of the Top Header Banner?

In style.css file within theme, search for “head-bottom” and adjust the height element in pixels.

I do not want a Top Header Banner? How to remove it?

Remove the following section in header.php (Pls. be careful in removing it.Don’t leave a open div tag):

What should be width of content in left sidebar and right sidebar?

Make sure that the width of content (or widget or image) in left sidebar is not more than 120px. Likewise, make sure that the width of content (or widget or image) in right sidebar is not more than 300px.Otherwise the sidebars may fall and the theme may get distorted.

How to add submenus?

Simply create pages and specify the hierarchy (Parent Page) via WordPress admin interface. Indy Premium takes care of creating the sub menus. Indy Premium can support even 4 levels of sub menus and higher.

What happens if I disable Footer?

If footer is disabled, then the widegetized footer section will not displayed. However the theme is smart enough to retain your blog’s Copyright section.

Enjoy free Simple Indy WordPress Theme !!!

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