KSRTC Online Booking of Bus Tickets

KSRTC is the State Road Transport Corporation of Karnataka.We earlier covered a guide on making a KSRTC Booking on your mobile phone.Here we cover a step by step guide on making a KSRTC Online Reservation of Bus Tickets.

KSRTC Online Bus booking

Booking a KSRT bus ticket online is as simple as the steps detailed below.

  • Go here and sign in if you are a registered user. Else, Register by clicking “New User? Sign up” button on the top right
  • After signing in, click Advance Ticket Booking. You will be taken to the “Search Place” screen
  • On the “Search Place” screen, enter your Journey details. You may enter only the first few alphabets of the origin & destination places and click “Search” button. You will be taken to the “Search For Available Services” screen
  • On this screen, select the date of journey, origin, destination & the appropriate number of passengers. You can choose to book tickets for either the “One Way Trip” or “Return Trip“. You will then be shown the “Available Services” list
  • Select a KSRTC bus service from the available list of services. You have to select two services if you have chosen to book tickets for a return trip.One for the onward & the other for the return journey. Click Submit
KSRTC Bus Services
  • You will be presented with a seat layout for the chosen KSRTC bus services. Select the Seats from the Seat Layout. Choose the appropriate no. of seats that match the total no of passengers for the intended journey. You will have to choose the seats for the return journey as well. After choosing the seats, click Submit.
KSRTC Bus Seats
  • Next, you will have to enter the details of the passengers for whom the bus tickets are booked and click Submit
KSRTC Bus Booking
  • You will be shown a Travel Summary. Next,Selecting one of the payment gateway options after agreeing to the terms & conditions. Click Make Payment
KSRTC Online Booking
  • You will be shown a KSRTC reference number. It is very important to note down this KSRTC bus booking reference number as any enquiries can only be made based on this reference number.
  • Finally, enter the card details & confirm your payment through the Payment Gateway.
ICICI Payment Gateway

You are done with booking KSRTC bus tickets online!

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