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IRCTC is the train ticket booking portal for Indian Railways. Since several people book tickets online, the portal gets a huge amount of traffic and it isn’t often easy for a traveler to complete the ticket booking task quickly. By the time he completes the booking form and hits the Submit button, the session expires and he is forced to log in and book tickets again.

The following autofill form makes it easier and faster for such people to book train tickets on the portal. Some call these kind of forms/tools as Magic autofill or IRCTC Assistant as they not only assist the task of booking Indian railway tickets online, but also makes it magically faster to accomplish it. This form is useful only for booking general tickets online and you will have to use our Tatkal ticket booking autofill form for tatkal tickets.

Before looking at how to use this form, one must keep in mind the following points.

  • 1) For day trains, the only available berth preference is “Window Side”. So you will do well to select only this option, if you prefer, for day trains and ignore other choices.
  • 2) “Coupe” and “Cabin” are berth preferences available only for first A/C coach (1 AC). If you are booking a seat in other coaches, select from other available berth preferences. if you choose a berth preference not available for a coach, it wouldn’t be filled into the irctc ticket booking form.
  • 3) It might not be necessary to specify food preference for most trains since food is provided only in a few select trains like the Shatabdi.

How to use the autofill form?

  • Fill up all required passenger details in the following form.
  • Then click “Generate Autofill Bookmarklet” button.
  • A popup window will open with the generated button named “IRCTC Autofill |”.
  • Drag and drop the button to your browser bookmark manager.
  • Then click “” to go to the portal.
  • Log in by entering username, password and the correct captcha.
  • Select Departure and Arrival stations against From and To stations respectively, choose the journey date and ticket type and click Submit.
  • You will get a list of all running trains for the chosen date and the available classes. To book a ticket, click on any class available against your chosen train in which you prefer to travel.
  • Next, check the seat availability and click Book Now.
  • You will then be taken to the page containing the ticket booking form. Here is where you will find the use for the bookmarklet. With a single click on the autofill bookmarklet by, you will be able to fill the IRCTC form with all the pre-entered passenger information.
  • Next, proceed to make payment.

For booking Tatkal tickets use this Tatkal form.

Enter Passenger Details

S. No. Name * Age * Gender * Berth Preference Senior Citizen AADHAAR No.(Optional) Food (Select Trains)
Children Below 5 Years (Ticket Is Not To Be Issued)

S. No. Name Age Gender
Mobile Number : Your 10 digit mobile number. SMS will be sent to this number
Reset DetailsGenerate Autofill Bookmarklet

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