Indian Railways Tatkal Reservation

We earlier shared information on Tatkal Ticket Booking In Indian Railways.Indian Railways have made certain changes in the Tatkal Reservation Scheme. Listed below are the gist of the changes made.

  • The changes comes to effect from 01.08.2009 onwards
  • Tatkal tickets can be booked only two days in advance, excluding the date of journey. e.g. if the date of journey is 6th of October, then tatkal ticket can be booked on 4th October from 8.00 am, for this journey.
  • 25% of the total fare, excluding tatkal fare, is refunded if the tatkal ticket is cancelled 24 hrs before the departure of train. Full refund of takal ticket is made in exceptional circumstances like
    • the train is delayed for more than 3 hrs at the originating point of the journey,
    • if the passenger does not wish to travel or if the train route is diverted and also the boarding or destination stations of the passenger is not in the diverted route,
    • if the passenger does not wish to travel in lower class, where he is accomodated.
  • The time limit for refund of tatkal tickets will be same as that of normal ticket
  • Tatkal charges will be same throughout the year for trains and classes where the average utilisation of tatkal accomodation from April to September is 80% and above
  • Tatkal charges for 2S class is Rs.15/-

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