Indian Railways Seat Availability and Train Fare Enquiry

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Are you looking for Indian Railways Seat Availability information for trains between any two Indian Railway stations? Well, here is a detailed guide to find out seat availability and train fare information for journey between any two stations by any train on any chosen journey date.

The holiday season is around and Indian all around are busy making Indian Railways Reservation.But before making the reservation, they would like to check berth availability information and here is a detailed step by step guide to check seat availability and train fare.

How to check Indian Railways seat availability

  • 1. Go to the Indian Railways Passenger Reservation Enquiry page to check seat availability by clicking here [link]
  • 2. Enter the first few characters of the Originating Station against Source Station Name. For eg., if the origination station is chennai, enter “Che” against Source Station Name
  • 3. Enter the first few characters of the Destination Station against Destination Station Name.For eg., if the destination station is Bangalore, enter “Ban” against Destination Station Name
  • 4. Select class in which you wish to travel. If you want the check seat availability in all classes, select All Class to see seat availability for all the classes
  • 5. Then, enter the journey date.You can click the calendar icon to enter the journey date or enter the date in the first column and month in the second column (day and month in numbers)
  • 6. Click “Get Details” button
Indian Railways seat availability
  • 7. You will be taken to the page that looks like the one below.You will find all source and destination stations in a drop-down box against Select Source Station and Select Destination Station respectively. Choose the most appropriate stations from the two drop-downs and click Get It button.
Indian Railways Train Fare Enquiry
  • 8. You will get a list of all trains between the selection stations.Click the train for which you want to check Seat availability and click Get Availability button.
Indian Railway Trains Between Stations
  • You will get the seat availability information for the chosen train anf for the chosen date. you can also click Get Fare to know the fare for the journey
Indian Railways Ticket availability

That is all! Enjoy.You can also check out this guide on making Indian Railways tatkal reservation.

Indian Railways Seat Availability and Train Fare Enquiry is a guide to determine seat availability in any train between any two stations for a chosen journey date.You can also determine the Train Fare for traveling between the two stations in a chosen train.

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