Indian Railways Reservation

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How to make an Indian Railways Reservation online? This will the foremost question in the minds of several people who wish to travel during this summer holidays.Yes, it is holiday season and the rush for Indian Railways online booking is on.

Indian Railways is the primary means of transport for millions of people in India.No wonder, it is a profitable railway organization. Are you planning to visit your relative during this holiday season? Have you booked your tickets? Are you wondering how to make Indian Railway Reservation online? Then, continue reading to know the procedures to book a railway ticket online. Find below a detailed guide for Indian Railways online booking.

IRCTC is the main body that provides online booking facility for Indian Railways.IRCTC’s Online Passenger Reservation System provides online Railways Reservation facility.It also offers other services like checking railway reservation status, train schedules, train routes, seat availability, availability of tickets and cancellation.

You can book a Indian Railways train ticket from any one station to another station in India, 90 days in advance of your planned journey date.However, it is always recommended to plan your travel and book your tickets in advance, as trains in India are always fully booked, especially during the holiday season.

You need to first register an account at IRCTC to book tickets online.This registration is free.Check out this Indian Railways Reservation guide to find out how to go about registering an account at IRCTC and book tickets online.

Summary – Indian Railways Reservation is a Railway Reservation guide to book train tickets online.Here you will find step to book tickets, know seat availability, find trains and more.

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