How to upgrade an Indian Railways Train Ticket?

Earlier, I posted an article on how to book an Indian Railways Train Ticket Online but have you ever thought of a possibility of travelling in an Indian Railways train, with a confirmed ticket in 3AC, having paid the fare for only a sleeper class. Does it sound ridiculous?

But I am not joking and it is infact possible. Indian Railways, in order to optimize the utilization of available accommodation, have introduced a scheme to upgrade a wait listed passenger, who has paid the full fare, to the next higher class without any extra charge, if vacant accommodation is available in higher class.

All that the passenger has to do is to express his willingness to get upgraded by checking yes in the application form while booking his ticket. The system will randomly select the passengers for upgradation, during the time of preparation of charts. We even have the auto upgrade option in our tatkal autofill application form.

How does Indian Railways Ticket Upgradation Work?

  • This scheme is available in all mail/express trains, having sleeping accommodation
  • Tickets booked on concession and those tickets that partly consist of full fare and concessional passengers are not eligible for upgradation
  • Bulk booked tickets are not eligible for upgradation
  • Upgradation of ticket will be done in one class above only (ex. SL class to 3AC/FC)
  • 6 passengers in one PNR will be upgraded together or none of the passengers will be upgraded
  • Original PNR will be retained.
  • A chart like the waiting list chart indicating the old and new status of the upgraded passengers will be displayed

You may be one of those who can travel as upgraded passenger. Try your luck.

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