CBSE Class Textbooks

Free download CBSE Class Textbooks for all classes from NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training), a body set up by the Government of India, under the Ministry of Education and social Welfare.

The CBSE textbooks from NCERT are available for Class I to Class XII in all subjects. The NCERT textbooks are available in English, Hindi and Urdu. These textbooks can be downloaded, printed and used freely. This is a boon to poor students. People with computers can now help these students by downloading the CBSE textbooks, printing them and distributing them to the poor students.

There are numerous advantages of browsing these online textbooks. The subjects of these textbooks vary from Maths, Physics, Chemistry to Psychology, Sociology, Political science, Business studies etc. As these textbooks are published by NCERT, who frame the National curriculum of India, they can be taken as the general standard for the whole of India. Hence children all over India and also NRI children will stand to benefit from this initiative.

How to download CBSE Class Textbooks from NCERT?

Find below the steps to browse and read the CBSE Class Textbooks Online or download them on to your PC.

  • Go to NCERT website here
  • In the above mentioned page, select the CBSE Class, Subject and Book Title
  • The selected textbook will be displayed
NCERT Books Online
  • Click on the textbook and the entire book will be opened in PDF format
  • Click on the Save icon to save the book to the computer or any other media location
CBSE Textbooks

You can even choose to print the entire textbook. You can also open and save only a particular chapter of the CBSE textbook.

We had earlier posted about the availability of TamilNadu Textbooks online for all classes. These textbooks are available for Class I to Class XII, in PDF format for, free download. The textbooks are available for both TamilNadu state and matriculation school syllabus and are published by the Department of School Education, Government of TamilNadu.

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