BSNL Wireless Broadband Plans For Home

BSNL has recently launched BSNL Wireless Broadband services for Home using using Wimax technology. Find below the BSNL Wimax services for Home.

BSNL Wireless Broadband Plans For Home

BSNL Wireless Plans (Home) HOWI 1000 HO WI 1800
Bandwidth 256 Kbps 512 Kbps
Single/ Multi user (SU/MU) SU SU
One time Installation Charges (Rs.)* 750 750
Fixed Monthly Charges* (Rs.) 1000 1800
Discounted Annual Payment Option (Rs.)* 10000 18000
Free Email IDs/ Space (Per email ID) 2/5 MB 2/5 MB
Dl/UL limit per month Unlimited Unlimited
Security Deposit One months Fixed Monthly Charges One months Fixed Monthly Charges

Other Terms and Conditions of BSNL Wireless Broadband Plans:

  • 1. The CPE will be provided directly to the customer by M/s SOMA and its payment will be
    made directly to M/s SOMA. The price of CPE will be as under (All other Taxes as per actuals):

    • (a) CPE – Home User (SU) : Rs. 10000
    • (b) CPE – Business User (MU) : Rs. 12000
  • 2. In addition to the above, CPEs will be given free of cost under the Business Plans if:
    • (a) The customer commits to subscribe for guaranteed period of three years; or
    • (b) The customer agrees to pay in one year’s FMC in advance for the 1 Mbps and 2 Mbps
      Business Plans at the time of registering the service.
  • 3. No free CPEs will be provided under the Home Plans.
  • 4. Apart from above mentioned tariff, all other terms and conditions of service and revenue
    sharing etc will be separately intimated by SP Branch, BSNL Corporate Office

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