– Find here information on what 3G is, what are the various bsnl 3g tariff plans and services and how it would benefit the users.Enjoy the BSNL 3G plans – postpaid, prepaid and data plans.
BSNL, India’s foremost telecom company has recently embraced 3G technology and is offering a wide range of BSNL 3G plans.These include both postpaid and prepaid tariff options.

What is 3G technology?

The whole world is talking about 3G technology and here in India we have heard and read a lot about the 3G auction on digital and print media.But what is 3G technology? 3G is said to be the next generation of mobile communications system. But what does this mean for the end user? BSNL 3G facilitates high speed mobile broadband, video calling, mobile TV, and more on your mobile phones, wherever you are!

While cellphones brought about a mobile communication revolution in India with a huge number of people owning mobile phones and thereby getting the ability to communicate, wherever they are.3G may trigger a mobile internet revolution in India! Well, what is mobile internet or mobile broadband? Mobile broadband is basically wireless internet access, which enables you to access internet anywhere, whether you are in the house or on the move! Thus, 3G network will let you make video calls, watch live TV, access the high speed internet, receive emails and download music tracks other than the usual voice call and messaging services found on a 2G network (the network which people use currently).

While 2G enabled mobile voice calls and text messaging (SMS), 3G network will let you make video calls i.e. you will be able to see the other person with whom you are talking to! But, to enjoy video calling, you should have a smartphone (3G handset) that facilitates video calling and the basic mobile phone wouldn’t suffice. In case, you want to connect your laptop or PDA (personal digital assistant) to 3G network, like while moving in a vehicle, you will require to connect your 3G handset to the computer through data cable, infrared or blue tooth. You may also buy a 3G data card and use the same with your computer to access high speed 3G network.

It is not just video calling but you will also be able to watch live TV and browse the web, wherever you are.You can not only remain in touch with your friends and dear ones but you will also not miss any action on TV or on the internet like live streaming, entertainment, news, current affairs and sports content! you can even access CCTV footage or any other similar application by using 3G service as a connecting media between the CCTV server and your 3G service enabled handset!

You will also be able to pay utility bills and carry out mobile banking in due course of time and the BSNL 3G network will provide secure connectivity between the handset and the internet cloud!

What is USIM?

USIM stand for Universal Subscriber Identification Module and it is a SIM card for 3G services with Storage capacity of 128 KB.BSNL 3G plans will soon be available across the whole of India and the services include Video call facility, Mobile broadband, Mobile TV content available on BSNL 3G Portal etc. If you are already a BSNL 2G user, then you can get 3G services on your existing Number and your number will not change if you upgrade to 3G! You may continue to use the existing 2G SIM without any charge or may opt for a new 3G USIM with higher memory for Rs.59.

A common question that may arise is how is 3G broadband different from other wireless broadband technologies like wi-fi or wimax. While wimax & wifi are primarily for internet/data service,s 3G is for internet/data as well as voice service. Roaming facility in case of 3G is far better than the wifi or wimax broadband services. In 3G broadband, the connectivity speed will be almost comparable to the wireline broadband. Practically, you will get broadband experience with speed better than 384 KBPS!

Since 3G is letting you watch videos on the move, yet another common question that arises is how much data will I use while viewing video ? f you are downloading a video that is meant for a mobile screen, 1mb per minute is a good rule of thumb. Using this rule, a 4 minute video clip would use around 4MB of your daily or monthly allowance. If the video was meant for a TV or PC Screen, or it is over 5 min long, it is generally not recommended to download the video to your phone, as it may struggle to play it back And you may not have enough storage space on your phone. A better solution for your mobile would be to stream the Video.

BSNL also offer BSNL 3G data cards that can be connected at PCMCIA slot and USB port of laptop.These 3G data cards are plug and play devices and the download speed presently available with these cards is 3.6 Mbps. In due course, other types of 3G data cards will also be made available.

You can view the demonstration of BSNL 3G at the CSC (Customer Care Center) and BSNL website.Now you know what is 3G, USIM and 3G broadband, let use see what are the BSNL 3G plans that are available for you to subscribe.

BSNL 3G Plans

BSNL currently offers postpaid and prepaid 3G plans. In addition it offers 3G data plans for customers who find more need for data schemes. Find detailed information on tariff for the various BSNL 3G Plans and enjoy mobile broadband through BSNL 3G technology.

Enjoy BSNL 3G services. These BSNL mobile broadband plans are available for your mobile phones, laptops (via BSNL 3G Data Card) and any other desktop computer!

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