It is always better to plan your journey in Indian Railways, well in advance. Currently, you can book your tickets 3 months in advance. But for persons who have not planned their journey and those who need to travel in short notice during an emergency, Indian Railways comes to the rescue of such passengers through the TATKAL Ticket Booking scheme for reserved compartments. Through this scheme, passengers can book a train ticket five days in advance excluding the day of journey and book tickets up to the time of preparation of charts for the train.

The Tatkal tickets can also be booked on the internet. We had already written about how to book an Indian Railways Train Ticket online.The steps outlined in that article also apply to Tatkal Ticket Booking.

In each train, there is a ‘Tatkal’ quota in 2A, 3A, AC Chair Car and Sleeper Classes in the following manner.

2A4 Berths per Coach
3A 6 Berths per Coach
AC Chair Car 6 Seats per Coach
SL 10% of the accommodation per coach

The trains, in which standard utilization of ‘Tatkal’ accommodation during six months period is 80% or above, the accommodation to be assigned under ‘Tatkal’ scheme would be in the subsequent manner.

2 AC 10 Berths per Coach
3 AC16 Berths per Coach
AC Chair Car 16 Seats per Coach
SL20% of the available accommodation

Apart from the above given lists, there will be no defined ‘Tatkal’ train. After offering the seats in ‘Tatkal’ quota, if any seats are left, then they will be released to the passengers’ in the waiting list. The trains and classes with standard utilization of 80% or above (from April to September) will be realized from regular ‘Tatkal’ charges that are applicable for the peak period. ‘Tatkal’ charges are provided as under.

Premium (amount paid in excess on train ticket) on tatkal scheme

ClassClass Non-Peak season (15th July -15th Sep)Peak season (16th Sept -14th July)
2 AC200300
AC Chair Car75150
AC 3T GR200300
AC CC GR75150

· Tatkal tickets can be booked on all classes except 1AC and executive class in almost all express or mail or special trains.
· Ladies and general quota cannot be opted in Tatkal tickets
· No proof of identity is required during the time of booking and during the journey
· No concession is allowed in Tatkal booking
· Tatkal ticket has to be booked from the train originating point to the destination point, with boarding at any intermediate station. However zonal railways have been given the power to impose or relax these restrictions depending on the accommodation available in the train.
·The delivery time for ‘Tatkal’ tickets remains the same like normal tickets, so it is recommended to book tickets considering the delivery time.
· Change of name is not allowed on the bookings made under this scheme.
· Reservation under this scheme would be offered till the time of charts preparation

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