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If you are looking to buy a BSNL Broadband Plan, then you may get to know the complete details of the various BSNL Broadband Plans for Home and Business users, through the links below.

BSNL Broadband Plans (Postpaid):

Unlimited Tariff Plans

Limited Tariff Plans

Rural Broadband Tariff Plans

BSNL Wimax Tariff Plans

Deprecated Tariff Plans

BSNL Prepaid Broadband Plans:

You can also check BSNL Broadband Usage using free tools or through the BSNL Broadband online portal.

BSNL 3G Tariff Plans (New!)

BSNL Broadband is now offering cheap data plans through its new BSNL 3G services. These BSNL mobile broadband plans are available for your mobile phones, laptops (via BSNL 3G Data Card) and any other desktop computer!

Enjoy the cheap BSNL 3G data plans and services!

You can also take a look at the various Reliance Broadband Plans.

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9 comments on “BSNL Broadband Plans
  1. Need a BSNL broadband connection, want to know the procedure.

  2. hey vaidyanath,
    applying for a broadband can be done online, or else go to the nearest bsnl office…..they’ll provide you an application form which you will have to fill with the necessary plan,select modem(rental or purchase)etc.
    u will get the connection in a week depending on the place u live…….
    now i think the installation charges have been cut off…
    think u r satisfied with the reply.

  3. i submit a request to change my can i know my plan is changed or not?
    and i didnt get my usage details

    • From the public relations office of BSNL I received a call that soon there will a new sceme for games and will be available free for a trial period. I wish they give me moredetails.

  4. I wish to take unlimited broadband plan for my Shop at Ulhasnagar. May I choose a Home UL750 for my shop?

  5. sir
    i want to buy a vsnl mordem along with better broadband plan kindly suggest us the better plan and usb cost , including minimum charges up to Rs 2000.00 including all your charges
    thanking you

  6. hey guys
    In BSNL in 750 plan
    my speed is :10mbps/sec
    it is awesome!

  7. In BSNL 3g
    my speed is:44mbps/sec

  8. Is BSNL data card is worth in im travelling all the way around TN. does it provides good speed.

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